Welcome to Lingnan University's Centre for the Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education (CAOBE)

The Centre for the Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education (CAOBE) was established in 2013 with a mandate to sustain the momentum of the developments in OBE within Lingnan University and the other UGC funded institutions in Hong Kong. In short, it provides research and resources support for teachers in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in line with principles of Outcomes-Based Education. Click here to read endorsements for the CAOBE's work by both Lingnan faculty and the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) .

Who do we serve?

  • Teachers of all subjects in the UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong.
  • Faculty involved in research into enhancement of student outcomes.
  • Liberal Arts universities and Lingnan University benchmark partners worldwide through sharing of resources, expertise and experience.

What do we do?

Resources – We aim to function as an information gathering centre on behalf of the above institutions. As such, we have engaged in the process of collecting materials for an Online Repository of OBE-related materials. We also provide a Book Repository for Lingnan University staff and are producing a series of ‘Focus on Learning’ Guidebooks as well as 'Hands-on' practical Guides for teachers. For more information on these resources, visit our Resources page.

Newsletters – These are published several times a year and feature new initiatives in OBATL as well as useful tips on relevant resources. See our Newsletters page for past issues.

Professional Development – The CAOBE has piloted and implemented two professional teacher development programs, the Student Consultant Program and the TOTAL Teacher Experience. Visit our Professional Development page for more information on these.

Communities of Practice – We foster the development of Communities of Practice which meet to address issues of teaching and learning on campus, ultimately relevant to student learning outcomes.

Research – We fund OBE-related research. Information on some of the past projects funded by the Centre can be seen on our Research page. An application form (for Lingnan staff) and more information on current funding can be found on our Funding page. If you are interested in finding out more about this or would like to apply for funds (for Lingnan staff), please contact our Centre Manager.

Awards – We reward staff and students who have significantly contributed to the advancement of OBE through our ‘ Contribution to OBE Awards’.

Workshops – We provide one-off workshops when needed to address specific current OBE-related needs and questions of faculty. Our workshops can be viewed on our Workshops page.

Inter-institutional collaboration – we aim to foster inter-institutional research collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources, especially through workshops, collaborative research, informative newsletters and our Online Repository (currently under construction).

Advisory Service – We encourage staff to visit the Centre if they would like any information, advice or resources relating to teaching and assessing in an outcomes-based system. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please contact the Centre Manager.