Outstanding Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Awards



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Outstanding Faculty Contribution to OBE Outstanding Student Contribution to OBE 

Prof. Preet Hiradhar
Prof. Elizabeth Ho
Dr. Carol Ma Hok-Ka

Lam Weng Yan, Vivian
Wong Ka Ki, Maggie
Tiffany Yung

At the workshop on OBATL on 12 May 2015, the inaugural Lingnan University Outstanding Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Awards for 2014-15 were presented. Workshop presenters and distinguished guests Professors John Biggs and Catherine Tang presented the Faculty and Student awards to 3 teachers and 3 students respectively.  The award winners were recognized for having taken the initiative to be involved in a variety of different kinds of quality, innovative OBE research or development, which has directly involved improvement of student outcomes.


Professor Preet Hiradhar of the English Department was one of three teachers who received the Outstanding Faculty Contribution to OBE Award. Professor Hiradhar initiated her own action research project last semester on a large-scale core English course, involving two other teachers and two research assistants, which has directly led to refinement of the learning outcomes as well as the curriculum teaching and learning activities of that course. In contrast, Dr. Carol Ma Hok Ka of the Office of Service Learning has overseen some large scale, longitudinal research into how service learning has impacted the achievement of learning outcomes in the local Hong Kong context, with corresponding recommendations for future action to be taken.


English Professor Elizabeth Ho received her award for her ongoing work in founding and directing the new Student Consultant Program, which involves Student Consultants working with faculty partners to enhance the teaching and learning environment in their classrooms. This program has proved to be transformative for all involved.


Three Student Consultants working with Professor Ho were also chosen to receive the Outstanding Student Contribution to OBE award. Wong Ka Ki Maggie and Tiffany Yung, both final year English students, and  Lam Weng Yan Vivian, a second-year English major, were all recognized for their contributions to piloting the Student Consultant Program and serving as Consultants. In their roles, they not only acted as bridges between teacher and classroom students, but also experienced significant development in Graduate Attributes for themselves.