Significant Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Awards


Significant Faculty Contribution to OBE

Prof. Josefine Baark

Prof. Jonathan Fong

Prof. Preet Hiradhar

Mr. Marc C. LeBane

Prof. Vivian Lun

Prof. Mark McGinley

Prof. Paul Whitla

A total of 7 Lingnan Unviersity faculty members became recipients of the second round of ‘Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Awards’ recently. At the new staff induction on 31 August, 2016, the awards were presented to recognize those teachers who had made a significant difference to student outcomes during the 2015-16 academic year.  These are also featured in Newsletter #8 of the CAOBE.

All of the awardees were recognized for their significant contributions in serving as Consultants for the pilot ‘MARP’ (Mini Action Research Project). The awardees were Professor Preet Hiradhar of the English Department, who served as Consultant Trainer for the project, and the other pilot Consultants: Prof. Josefine Baark (Visual Studies Department), Profs Jonathan Fong and Mark McGinley (Science Unit, CCGEO), Mr Marc LeBane (Language Instructor, CEAL), Prof. Vivian Lun (Applied Psychology Department) and Prof. Paul Whitla (Marketing & International Business Department).


The project involved applying action research techniques adapted for the outcomes-based context in order to enhance the teaching and learning in Consultants’ classrooms. It combined focused student feedback and structured teacher reflections, with the aim of specifically improving pre-selected course outcomes. On the whole, the pilot project r achieved its goals, with teachers involved commenting that it would have an ongoing impact on their future teaching and student outcomes because of the skills learned through the project.


Based on specific feedback and recommendations from the pilot Consultants, the success of the MARP project has led to the establishment of the new ‘TOTAL Teacher Experience’ at Lingnan University. This program builds on the MARP pilot and aims to help teachers in ‘Transforming Outcomes Through Action Learning’ in the classroom. For more information on the program, go to: