Significant Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Awards


Significant Faculty Contribution to OBE - Awardees

Prof. Grace Ai-Ling Chou

Prof. Jonathan Fong

Prof. Mark Hampton

Prof. Preet Hiradhar

Mr Marc LeBane

Prof. Vivian Lun

Prof. Mark McGinley

Prof. Paul Whitla

Innovation and initiative are alive and well at Lingnan University! A number of teachers were honoured to be awarded the ‘Significant Faculty Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Award’ for 2016-17 at the Staff Induction on 31 August 2017. This annual OBE award aims at recognizing those teachers who have taken the initiative to be involved in some way in research or development which has resulted in the advancement of the practice of OBATL (Outcomes-Based Approaches to Teaching and Learning) on campus or enhanced the learning experiences and outcomes of students. Most of this year’s winners have also been recipients of CAOBE funding, which facilitated their contributions.

Most of the awardees along with Prof Eugenia Ng, TLC Director
Professor Grace Ai-Ling Chou of the History Department received the award for piloting two innovative new pedagogies. Her ‘Reacting to the Past’ pilot was covered in the CAOBE’s last newsletter (#10). In Prof Chou’s extra role as Music Coordinator (now Head of Music & Performing Arts), she had also successfully piloted a ‘Guided Concert Experience.’ This provides a template for utilizing more active and interactive forms for students to learn and reflect about music experiences. Student feedback confirmed that their appreciation and understanding of a Western classical music concert was significantly enhanced.

Prof Eugenia Ng with recipient Prof Vivian Lun
Several other faculty members, namely Professors Preet Hiradhar (English Department), Jonathan Fong and Mark McGinley (Science Unit, CCGEO), Vivian Lun (Applied Psychology Department), Paul Whitla (Busines Faculty) and Mr Marc LeBane (CEAL) are recognized this year for continuing development of initiatives. Together they had successfully piloted an interdisciplinary action learning professional development program, for which they received the OBE award in 2015-16 (see the TOTAL Teacher Program, featured in Newsletter #8). After that, not only did they choose to serve as TOTAL Teacher Advisers to the next year’s participants, but they voluntarily formed a Community of Practice (CoPs). They met regularly to discuss teaching and learning issues relevant to the Lingnan context. These discussions resulted in the well-attended ‘From Rubrics to Grades’ Forum on criterion-based referencing.

Professor Mark Hampton (History Department) has long been an OBATL leader in the Arts Faculty. In addition to his previous OBATL work and initiatives, he is also recognized for having joined the CoPs for the ‘From Rubrics to Grades’ Forum as well as having been a key instigator and speaker in other TLC workshops dealing with issues related to plagiarism and learning, rubrics and criterion-referenced assessment.