Professional Development Programs

Lingnan University has two one-semester-long professional development programs for teachers running regularly. These are complementary programs, both suitable for new or experienced teachers, or teachers adapting to new teaching contexts. Designed to enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom and to help teachers further develop their capacity for systematic reflective practice, they both help bridge the gap between teacher and student in the classroom and give greater insight into the learning processes and perspectives of the students. Involvement in either or both programs can be added to your CV or Teaching Portfolio. Teachers of any subject or stage are welcome to join; no formal reports are required, and both programs are non-evaluative and totally confidential.


Piloted in 2014 and now fully operational, the Student Consultant Program is designed to enhance teaching and learning through the creation of faculty-student partnerships in the form of pedagogical “student consultants”. By means of regular classroom observations, consultations, dialogues, discussions and critical reflections, student consultants, trained in-house, provide faculty across disciplines with feedback.



The TOTAL Teacher Experience  was piloted in early 2016 and helps teachers to ‘Transform Outcomes Through Action Learning’ in the classroom. Over one semester, teachers apply action research techniques in order to help students better attain selected course learning outcomes. This involves the gathering of structured student feedback as well as focused, action-oriented reflection on teaching effectiveness. The aim is not only to finetune teaching techniques, but to train teachers how to examine and transform their own teaching practice in the long term based on student feedback and evidence. The pilot program was so successful that the founding teachers were awarded the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Award’ 2015-16 and featured in CAOBE Newsletter #8.