Public Workshop Series #7

Transforming Outcomes Through Action Learning: Information and Sharing Session

Description: This interactive session will show teachers how to apply action learning techniques to finetune their teaching practice so that students can more effectively achieve course learning outcomes. Come and find out how TOTAL Teachers gain:

  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Solutions to classroom issues
  • Better understanding of this generation of students
  • Adaptation to new teaching contexts
  • Improved CTLE scores

7 December 2017

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Public Workshop Series #6

Mid-Semester Online CTLE: How to make the best use of Student Feedback

Description: It is mandatory from semester 1, 2017-18 for all Lingnan faculty members to use the online CTLE system to collect feedback from their students at least once per course during each semester. To facilitate colleagues to comply with such a requirement, TLC is pleased to offer this workshop. The first part covers the practical teaching and pedagogical issues, while the second part consists of a demonstration of how to use the new Online CTLE Moodle system with time for hands-on practice and questions and answers.

18 September 2017

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Public Workshop Series #5

OPEN FORUM: From rubrics to grades: Putting Criterion-Based referencing into practice

Description: The QAC Panel has recently urged Lingnan University faculty to make the full transition to Criterion-Referenced Assessment by the beginning of the next academic year (2017-18). In response, the university has mandated that rubrics must be developed for all courses and norming be abolished beginning next semester. What will this mean in practice – for teachers and students - when there is no longer a bell curve to grade to? And just how do we go about converting rubrics scores into final grades?In this forum, members of three different Lingnan faculties present different ways to ‘convert rubrics into grades’. Professors Mark Hampton (Arts Faculty), Paul Whitla (Business Faculty) and Mark McGinley (CCGEO) first share their views and then the floor is open for discussion.

10 May 2017

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Public Workshop Series #4

Be a TOTAL Teacher: Transforming Outcomes Through Action Learning

Description: This interactive workshop introduces the principles and methodology of the TOTAL Teacher Experience (TTE). The TTE adapts action learning techniques to an outcomes-based teaching framework to enable teachers to adapt and finetune their teaching practice so that their students can more effectively achieve course learning outcomes.

The workshop also serves as training for the TOTAL Teacher Experience; at the end of the workshop opportunity is given to interested teachers to join the TTE for semester 2, 2016-17. However, the workshop is open to anyone; there is no requirement to join TTE.

12 January 2017

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Public Workshop Series #3

Making Good Teaching Better Through Classroom Based Action Research

Description: The interactive workshop explains what Action Research is, how it differs from other types of formal and informal research, how it can help attainment of students learning outcomes and how it can lead to publishable research. The Action Research cycle is explained and illustrated. Professor Hiradhar shares her experiences and insights from her project relating to outcomes on an English Department core course. Ideas are also given for how to undertake action research or other similar reflective activities on a smaller scale budget.

9 December 2015

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Public Workshop Series #2

Further Issues in Implementing and Fine-Tuning Outcomes-based Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Description: Professors Biggs and Tang describe various meanings of outcomes-based education and focus on OBATL. In the constructively aligned version of OBATL, teaching/learning activities (TLAs) and assessment tasks (ATs) are aligned to the intended learning outcomes (ILOs). This workshop provides a step-by-step guide to applying constructive alignment to design an outcomes-based approach to teaching and learning. Particular attention is given to large class teaching and to direct assessment of programme ILOs. The workshop finishes with a Question and Answer section.

12 May 2015

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