Because it allowed the professor to understand what we found difficulties, the reflection worked as a bridge for communication with the professor. So he adapts to our needs and makes us understand the content better.

It helped me to reflect myself whether I have any questions about what I have learnt and then I will study the notes again.

It helps me to know my weakness in English learning and keep checking the process of improvement.

It helps me to identify what I have learnt in the lessons and reflect on what I do not understand. Then I can focus on the content I am not familiar with.

The teaching style was changed in response to our reflections and give a more detailed and understandable teaching.

It helps me to reflect what topics that I am not familiar enough with so I can work on it later.

[I have become] aware of the teaching methods and how can I contribute to the class that the teacher can understand us more.


I think that I have benefited greatly from this process. I reflect a great deal about my teaching but this project has given me a more structured approach that will more likely result in practical strategies to improve teaching effectiveness … Colleagues can learn to reflect more usefully about their teaching by combining structured reflection with structured feedback from students … this project can be useful to both new and experienced teachers … Regular feedback from students has been especially valuable for me as I gain experience teaching inHong Kong.
Professor Mark McGinley
Director of Core Curriculum and General Education Office, Head of Science Unit
This program is a nicely designed and implemented program, and the results should be presented to other colleagues so that they learn about the usefulness of this action research approach … I have learned about how to use action research to identify problems in how I teach and to develop appropriate solutions to address the problems. I think that this is a useful tool.
Professor Vivian Lun
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Psychology
The program encouraged me to see my own teaching from the student perspective. Comparing my own reflection with the student comments was useful to me in terms of noting the discrepancies that emerged. The project certainly improved my ability to see classes from their viewpoint … It has made me more committed to gathering and making use of more in-course feedback … It helped me to understand more about how I may be able to achieve certain outcomes and how I need to alter my teaching methods to ensure certain outcomes are being met … In fact it should really be mandatory for all colleagues.
Professor Paul Whitla
Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Programmes, Business Programs Office, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Marketing and International Business
This will help me make better (more clear, concise, targeted) learning outcomes for my courses. And this will help me with making a better syllabus—making sure my lectures more evenly address the learning outcomes.
Professor Jonathan Fong
Assistant Professor, Core Curriculum & General Education Office, Science Unit
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting student feedback on their course, which should be everyone. The students can identify and highlight issues or make suggestions that you might not have previously thought of. It’s a very good program and I hope you can encourage increased participation.
Mr Mark Melican
Lecturer, Centre for English and Additional Languages
This is an inspirational program which helps teachers enhance their teaching and more importantly in turn benefits students in terms of their learning. Teachers in this program can have a better understanding what the students actually need and what difficulties students are facing during the course.
Mr Jayson Lo
Part-time Lecturer, Centre for English and Additional Languages
Another teaching perspective with the same style of students afforded me insight into how others may reach or motivate students’ learning/engagement patterns … This program is [also] a useful tool to obtain specific feedback on a particular aspect of your course that you may be having problems with.
Mr Marc LeBane
Senior Lecturer, Centre for English and Additional Languages