Rules for Candidates at the IT Test Centre

  • Find out the seat number in the Attendance Sheet posted outside the computer lab.
  • Take up the seat as assigned after you are allowed to enter the lab.
  • Turn off the cell phone.
  • Place the identity card on the desk for verification of identity by the invigilators during the test.
  • Login to the English Window of the computer.
  • Watch the ITF Test briefing presentation before the test.
  • Do not communicate or attempt to communicate improperly with other candidates, and do not copy from unauthorized materials or from work of another candidate during the test session.
  • Do not search the ITFP website if not instructed.
  • Do not visit any website or search the Internet that contains the answer during the test. To do so, candidates are considered as cheating in the test.

A candidate who violates any of the above rules shall be disciplined.

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