Specific requirements

The ITF Programme intends to equip our students with necessary IT skills for their studies and future career development. The test also provides evidence for IT competencies and supports the realization of one of the ideal attributes of our graduates. The ITF programme consists of two parts:

  1. ITF Test; and
  2. ITF Self-learning Programme will also be provided to students for access to the learning materials any time anywhere in their preparation for the test.

For the ITF Test, students have to get more than 50% correct answers for both Part 1 and 2 as to pass the entire test. Students who fail any part of the test have to retake both parts. There is no limit on the number of attempts students can make to pass the test. They may take the test any time during their undergraduate study at Lingnan.

The ITF test is based on the syllabus of the course Introduction to Information Literacy offered by the Computing and Decision Sciences Department in the Faculty of Business. On passing the test, students will be awarded two ILP units in the ‘Intellectual Development’ domain (course code: IIMA206) and an ITF Certificate issued by the Teaching and Learning Centre.

It will be also recorded in the graduate transcript.

The IT skillset acquired by students on entry to the university may vary considerably from student to student. The ITF Programme is therefore intended to address this variation, ensuring that all Lingnan graduates complete their university studies and graduate with sufficient IT skills and knowledge. It is anticipated that the online Self-learning Programme will be sufficient to support students in developing their IT skills to fulfill the ITF requirement for graduation.

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