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Competition Categories
Size and Format
Awards and Judging criteria 獎項和評判準則 How to participate

To share and to celebrate our students’ awesome learning experiences at Lingnan University, the Teaching and Learning Centre will produce postcards which will be given to students for them to show their appreciation to any Lingnanians, especially, salute to their respectful teachers. You are cordially invited to participate in the “Share the Fun” Postcard Design Competition and the 10-12 winners’ postcard design will be used for postcard production. There are 2 categories and 3 themes in the competition.  Contestants may choose to enter either or both categories but with any 1 theme.  Each submitted design must include a slogan (Chinese/English) for the selected theme. Details of the competition are shown below:


Timeline 時間表 (Revised version 更新版):

Submission Deadline 截止日期

18 March 2019    2019年3月18日

Posting Date設計發佈日期

19 March 2019    2019年3月19日

Voting Period 投票期*

20 -26 March 2019    2019年3月20至26日

Result Release Date 公佈結果日期

Early April 2019    2019年4月上旬

*A lucky draw will be conducted for those casting their votes on Facebook. The lucky voter will receive a cash coupon award of HK$200.

Competition Categories 參賽組別:

  1. Artwork 繪畫組
  2. Photography 攝影組

Themes (and some English slogan examples for easy reference)主題(及參考英文口號示例):

  1. Teachers (e.g. Teachers are my Angels; Teachers are my Best Friends)
  2. Blended Learning (e.g. Blended learning, Best Teaching; Blended Learning, Better Learning)
  3. Liberal Arts Education (e.g. Liberal Art Education enhances my Thinking and Learning Capabilities; Liberal Arts Education broadens my Horizons).

Size and Format尺寸及格式:

JPG format photo/image up to 20 MB, minimum resolution is 2000×2000 pixels.
不超過 20MB 的JPG 格式相片或圖像,解像度最少需達到 2000 X 2000像素。

Awards and Judging criteria 獎項和評判準則:

  1. Most Popular Awards: The 2 most popular works with the most Facebook likes.
    最受歡迎的獎項:在Facebook專頁上獲得最多「喜歡」(Like) 的兩個的作品。
  2. Teacher’s Choice Awards: Judged by Lingnan’s teachers in terms of design (30%), technique (30%), and overall message conveyed (40%).

How to participate 參加方式:

All full-time and part-time Lingnan students are eligible to participate. Please submit the artwork softcopy (high resolutions) embedding with slogans to tlc@lnedu.hk with your contact information, including English and Chinese (if any) full name, contact number, Lingnan email address and student ID number. All personal information will be kept in strict confidence, in line with the University’s data privacy protocols. The winners have the opportunity to win a prize up to HK$1,000.

We welcome original graphic work in any medium, computer design, watercolor, Chinese painting, etc.

The submission will be uploaded by TLC with a random number instead of contestants’ identification.





*Privacy Policy Statement

The University fully supports and where possible observes the internationally recognised standards of personal data privacy protection, in compliance with the requirement of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, we will ensure our staff will comply with the aforementioned Ordinance with strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

Information collection will adhere to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance that states the purpose and use of the information collected.

For more information of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, please refer to the following web site : http://www.pco.org.hk

* 私隱政策聲明





We look forward to receiving your submissions. If more than one work submitted from the same student to the same theme, only the final submission (according to the submission time) will be adopted. For enquiries, please contact Teaching and Learning Centre at tlc@ln.edu.hk



Note: The property rights of the works received are reserved by the organizer without compensation. The organizer has the right to use them in all ways at its sole discretion for the purpose of benefiting our University .

注意: 參賽作品之知識產權均無償歸屬主辦單位,主辦單位有權在裨益大學的前提下以各種方法及途徑使用所遞交的各項參賽作品。