Our People

Professor SHARMA Shalendra
Associate Vice-President
(Academic Quality Assurance and Internationalisation)
Lee Shau Kee Foundation Chair Professor of Political Science

Acting Director , Teaching and Learning Centre

Phone: (+852) 2616-7224
Email: shalendrasharma@ln.edu.hk
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Dr. King CHONG

Educational Development Manager

Phone: (+852) 26167584

E-mail: kingchong@LN.edu.hk

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Mr. James CM CHONG

Education Manager (Technology)

Phone: (+852) 26168420

E-mail: jameschong@LN.edu.hk

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Mr. Max WY LUE

Senior Project Technical Officer

Phone: (+852) 26167592 

E-mail: luewy@LN.edu.hk

Mr. Edward KY CHOI

Senior Project Officer

Phone: (+852) 26167574

E-mail: edwardchoi@LN.edu.hk

Ms. Polly YY CHOI

Administrative Officer

Phone: (+852) 26167581

E-mail: pollychoi@LN.edu.hk

Ms. Angel WS NG

Education Officer

Phone: (+852) 26167587

E-mail: wingsumng@LN.edu.hk

Ms. Carol YK CHAN

Departmental Secretary II

Phone: (+852) 26167576 

E-mail: cykcarol@LN.edu.hk

Project Staff

Ms. Yvonne KF MAN

Project Officer

Phone: (+852) 26167591

E-mail: manman@LN.edu.hk