Use of uReply in an Introductory IT Course

Use of uReply in an Introductory IT Course

Dr. Wendy Hui, Associate Professor of Computing and Decision Sciences taught an introductory IT course titled Information Systems Managementin Term 2 of academic year 2018-19. The course was a core course designed for all students in the Business faculty. The topics covered included the use of IT in modern businesses, data analytics and business intelligence as well as the strategic implications of IT. The course also provide students with the opportunity to acquire hands-on IT skills in Web design, database design and implementation and data analysis.

Photo 1: The teacher was using uReply in the class

At the end of each key topic, there was a quiz to assess students’ understanding of learning materials and to determine if it was necessary to go over some of the materials again. Each quiz consisted 5-10 questions. It was implemented using a web-based classroom response system called uReply, which allowed the students to access and answer the questions through any device connected to the Internet. In the previous term, i.e., Term 1 of academic year 2018-19, similar quizzes were conducted on paper. The quizzes were not part of the course assessment and had no effect on students’ final grades.

Photo 2: The quiz question was shown on the projector

Photo 3: Students were using the computer to answer questions

Based on subjective classroom observation by the teacher, the following table compares the effectiveness of the two paper-based vs. web-based quizzes:

Overall, both paper-based and web-based quizzes have their own advantages and disadvantages. When the course is under time-pressure and the questions involved are not too complex, it is felt that web-based quizzes are preferred paper-based quizzes. However, if the teacher wishes to go over some complex questions and group discussion is expected to benefit students, paper-based quizzes are probably preferred.