Utilising uReply to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach

Utilising uReply to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach

Photo: CLE 9019 Dr. Han and Students from Legal System of the PRC 2018-2019

Dr. Helen Han Peng, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Accountancy, has continuously looked for approaches to incorporate effective and innovative teaching methods to enhance students learning and stimulate students’ interests in law.

UReply, designed by CUHK, is a web-based classroom response system (CRS) to use with mobile devices designed to facilitate interactions for learning. In the second term of 2018-2019, Dr. Han used uReply in her legal classes of ACT 3300 Company LawandCLE 9019 Legal System of the PRCand aimed to enable various interactions in classrooms and stimulate students’ active learning.

Photo: students’ learning company law knowledge in ACT 3300 class

In Dr. Han’s class, Case-based approach is adopted to enhance students’ understanding of legal knowledge and improve their capacity of analysis by applying different legal rules to justify their own ideas. However, there are many problems in the traditional ways of case teaching activities, observed by Dr. Han, such as students’ lack of interests to participate in case discussion, too shy to express own ideas in front of the whole class and the teacher also has no idea about if all students understand relevant knowledge etc.

Photo: Dr. Han teaches in her classes

Therefore, Dr. Han tried her great effort in implementing a variety of methods to stimulate students’ participation in classes and using uReply is one of them. By using uReply, students were interested in scanning QR Code via cell phones and they were more willing to participate in classes.

Photo: students scan QR code via mobile phones and perform as if they were judges to decide a case

Students, during interview, responded that they discussed actively before submitting their final answers via cell phones, through which way their interests in studying law were stimulated a lot and they found this way can effectively enhance their analytical skills and critical thinking capacity.

Photo: uReply result of students’ answers in ACT 3300 Company Law course

Students also said that they were not pressured to show opinions toward a case as all the answers were anonymous, and if they got correct answers, they were encouraged and satisfied and if wrong answers, they felt not embarrassed and would like to catch up by themselves. Dr. Han also commented that it was also easier and clear to know if all students understand relevant knowledge and case, so that she will be able to know if she should repeat or explain the relevant knowledge further.

Photo: uReply result of students’ answers in CLE 9019 in discussing Yu Huan case

Dr. Han is planning to try more innovative and high-tech ways to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness in her law classes and she would like to deliver more useful, interesting and fruitful law classes to students in Lingnan.