Blended Learning Cases

Use of uReply in an Introductory IT Course

Use of uReply in an Introductory IT Course Dr. Wendy Hui, Associate Professor of Computing and Decision Sciences taught an introductory IT course titled Information Systems Managementin Term 2 of academic year 2018-19. The course was a core course designed for all students in the Business faculty. The topics covered included the use of IT in modern businesses, data analytics and business intelligence as well as the strategic implications of

Utilising uReply to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach

Utilising uReply to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach Photo: CLE 9019 Dr. Han and Students from Legal System of the PRC 2018-2019 Dr. Helen Han Peng, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Accountancy, has continuously looked for approaches to incorporate effective and innovative teaching methods to enhance students learning and stimulate students’ interests in law. UReply, designed by CUHK, is a web-based classroom response system (CRS) to use with

Using Interactive Mobile Technology in a Translation Class

Using Interactive Mobile Technology in a Translation Class Dr Tang Kin-Ling taught an undergraduate course Introduction to Translation (E-C) in Semester 2, 2018/19 using the mobile technology uReply. The introductory course aims to introduce the general principles of translation from English into Chinese and general translation theories. Since the course is a core requirement for BA Programme in Translation, most of the students are translation majors, while the others choose

Using a game-based platform to facilitate active learning and better understanding

In the spring semester 2018, Dr. Gary Zhan, the lecturer of Consumer Culture & Value, conducted a lesson for undergraduates from various majors, using blended learning approach. The lesson was about product design and promotion. Normally this topic is hard to teach as students lack practical experience and prior knowledge. To enrich students’ learning experience, they were asked to participate an online learning session with the use of Kahoot which

Utilising Video to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach

LCE3300 Students 2016/17 Marc LeBane, Senior Lecturer & ELSS Coordinator at the Centre for English & Additional Languages has continuously looked for ways to incorporate a variety of sources to enhance students learning. For the past ten (10) years, he has utilized videotaping in his LCE3300 Public Speaking & Presentation course to help facilitate the way he keeps track of his students’ learning progress and instils in them a sense

Introducing students to empirical macroeconometrics in exchange rate determination

Students in ECO4306, International Finance, participated in a flipped classroom activity in order to increase the understanding of what determines the value of foreign currency exchange rates.  Students in this class were mostly 4th-year students majoring in Economics or studying in the Business Faculty taught by Prof. Gregory Whitten, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Economics. The particular topic of the lecture was Purchasing Power Parity theory and the Monetary

To maximize student interactions through blended learning approach

On 25 July, 2018, Professor Ng, Director of Teaching and Learning Centre & Adjunct Professor of Division of Graduate Studies, conducted a lesson for participants of Master of Arts in International Higher Education and Management for the course namely, Workshop for Management Issues in Education, using blended learning approach. The topic of the workshop was “Manage students and learning enhancement through integrating technology in education”. To motivate participants to learn