Coding, Design, and Global Involvement: Engaging Students in Multi-domain Active Learning through the Creation of Mobile Apps and an Apps Resource Centre (ARC)

Leading University: Hong Kong Baptist University
Participating UGC-funded Universities: City University of Hong Kong
Lingnan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Project Website:

The many uses of mobile applications in universities seem almost inexhaustible. Lecturers can use mobile apps to enhance teaching and learning, while students can learn how to create mobile apps for their own class an personal projects. This project aims to support these activities in three ways:

1. Developing mobile apps to address problems lecturers have in their courses with Hong Kong students.
2. Create a studio-based learning atmosphere conducive to fostering creativity and innovation, under which students can exercise their problem-solving and design skills through the creation of mobile apps.
3. Encouraging students to serve the larger community by creating mobile apps benefiting educational, social, and environmental causes.

This project facilitates students in developing a combination of programming and design skills by providing guidance and mentoring from professional computer programmers and designers.