The BushGrapher is a plugin that allows instructors to plot graphs describing the interactions of students in discussion forums.



The Bushgrapher was developed at Lingnan University by staff from the Teaching and Learning Centre. The project was funded by an internal Teaching Development Grant (TG10B9) from funds provided by the University Grants Committee. The Bushgrapher has been released under a GNU (see below) in order that other UGC funded institutions might benefit from the work undertaken by Lingnan University staff.

The Bushgrapher provides a means of visualising the interactions between student postings in a forum. The Bushgraph produced allows a teacher or researcher to visualise student interactions as a temporal web of interactions between individuals engaged in discussion on a forum. The current release version is for internal research use within an institution only and not recommended for research that needs to ensure high levels of student privacy.



The full source code in PHP is available here



The code is release under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. That means you are free to download, reuse, modify, and distribute any files hosted in this website under the terms of either the GPL version 2 or version 3, and to run BushGrapher in combination with any code with any license that is compatible with either versions 2 or 3, such as the Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.



The copyright of the source code belongs to Lingnan University. Mr. Brant Knutzen was the lead developer in the project (now at HKU).